Eurosif’s Sustainable Finance and SRI Roadshow

On the 13th of July, Eurosif hosted a roundtable to mark the launch of the HLEG’s Interim Report. The HLEG Chair, Christian Thimann, introduced the most salient points of the interim report and explained the core concept which underlines the mandate of the members. The discussion that followed set the frame for the key recommendations and their implications with the stakeholders present. Key representatives were present, including the heads of EFAMA, PensionsEurope and Invest Europe who were invited to contribute in order to capture their vision and their reflections.
This input is going to generate a report which will expand to the include the views of other industry players and which will be used to feed the work of the HLEG in view of the publication of the final report, as another way to add to the consultation. In order to boost the views expressed in the report, the work will be circulated at a series of roadshow events that will take place in the European cities where our member SIFs are present, between September and the end of the year.
The Eurosif Roadshow is co-organised with SIFs and local players.






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