Pension Fund Toolkit 2004-2005

Eurosif created the first European-wide toolkit designed to help interested pension fund trustees and other readers understand how to make Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) an integrated part of institutional fund portfolios.

The Toolkit is based on research conducted in ten European countries during 2004, examining current best practice, field leadership and ongoing trends.

Download the SRI Toolkit:

  • Pension Programme SRI Toolkit 2004-2005 – English [PDF, 728kb]
  • Handreiking Duurzaam Beleggen voor Pensioenfondsen 2004-2005 – Nederlands [PDF, 522kb]
  • Vermögensverwalter von Pensionsfonds als nachhaltige Investoren – Deutsch [PDF, 593kb]
  • Resumen Programa de Pension SRI Toolkit 2004-2005 – Español [PDF, 446kb]

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