EU Institutions

EU Institutions


DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities

Since its creation in 2001, Eurosif has worked closely with the Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. This DG has the task of contributing to the development of a modern, innovative and sustainable European Social Model with more and better jobs in an inclusive society based on equal opportunities.

It plays a key role in promoting positive interaction between economic, social and employment policies, bringing in the main players who can help to achieve the EU strategic objective to make Europe the world's most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy, capable of sustainable economic growth, with more and better jobs and greater social cohesion.

Historically DG employment has funded Eurosif projects, including Transparency Guidelines, Pension Programmes, institutional SRI market surveys, etc.

DG Commissioner: Mr. László Andor. More information about the DG activities at the following link.

DG Internal Market and Services

Creating relationships with DG Internal Market has been an important step for Eurosif. DG Internal Market is a driving force behind legislation and other proposals linked to Corporate Governance, Shareholders’ rights, transparency and other essential corporate and financial issues. Eurosif submits regularly position papers and responses to consultations open by DG Internal Market and Services, all available in the Positions section. 

DG Internal Market Commissioner: Mr. Michel Barnier. For more information on DG Internal Market's activities, please visit the EC Website.

DG Enterprise and Industry

In line with Europe 2020, the EU’s strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, the Directorate General Enterprise and Industry is working towards five general objectives: to strengthen Europe's industrial base and promote the transition to a low carbon economy; to promote innovation as a means to generate new sources of growth and meet societal needs; to encourage the creation and growth of SMEs and promote an entrepreneurial culture; to ensure an open internal market for goods; and to support the European presence in space. Since 2007, Eurosif has been a member of the Coordination Committee of the European Multistakeholder Forum on CSR, contributing to shaping the EC agenda around CSR and ESG disclosure. 

DG Enterprise and Industry Commissioner: Mr. Antonio Tajani. For more information on DG Enterprise and Industry activities, please visit the EC Website.

Other DGs

Eurosif has created contacts at other DGs involved in sustainability legislation, including DG Environment and DG Trade. Eurosif participates in consultations and dialogue with the DGs and invites them to participate in events when their expertise needs to be shared with members.

Further relationships with other DGs are forged on a continual basis.


With an increased decisional power in the EU structure, Members of the European Parliament (MEP) play a key role in enacting and amending legislations such as those proposed by the Commission.

As a result, Eurosif is keen to meet and dialogue with MEPs and follow the work of the Parliaments’ sub-committees, such as EMAC (Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee) and ECON (Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs) who play decisive roles. Eurosif is particularly attentive when the Parliament is in the process of discussing legislative proposals.

For more information on how Eurosif works with the European Institutions, please contact