One of Eurosif’s aims is to initiate and publish research related to legislation, policies and practices for the integration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues into European financial services. As part of this role, Eurosif’s Research work can be broken down as follows:

European SRI Studies

Conducted every two years, the European SRI Study is one of the few sources in Europe highlighting the state of the European Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) Market, as well as the trends in individual European countries.

Market Segment Studies

In order to inform practitioners and policy-makers, Eurosif regularly conduct market research around SRI trends in specific market segments such as Pension Funds, Private Banking and Family Offices, Investment Consultants, etc.

Sector and Theme Reports

The sector and theme reports are aimed at helping the general public as well as policy makers, mainstream asset managers, companies, and pension fund trustees understand risks that lie outside the realms of traditional financial analysis, but may influence investments.
To see our current selection criteria and framework document for these reports, click here.


2 Replies to “Research”

  1. Buongiorno,

    la presente per chiedere se avevate in programma la pubblicazione del nuovo report sugli SRI in Europa

    In passato ho fatto degli approfondimenti sul tema grazie all’edizione basata sui dati al 2016 e ad oggi mi piacerebbe sapere come sta evolvendo il settore

    Con i migliori saluti

    Sara Di Gennaro

    1. Dear Ms.Di Gennaro,

      the new ‘Eurosif 2018 SRI Study’ will be launched by the end of November 2018.

      Thank you.

      Eurosif Communication Team

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