Eurosif partnered with environmental data company Trucost for the Shipping sector report.


Highlights include:

  • Companies that delay or cancel investments in cleaner, more efficient vessels during the economic downturn could be more exposed to strengthening environmental regulations.
  • Six of the 11 companies in the MSCI All World Developed Index analysed by Trucost could face a loss if they had to pay for the health and environmental damages associated with air pollution from their shipping operations.
  • Under cap-and-trade schemes that price the carbon dioxide emissions to address climate change, carbon-efficient shipping companies stand to gain from shifts in freight away from carbon-intensive air transport. However, lack of environmental disclosure by shipping companies in Europe makes it difficult for investors to assess which companies present the greatest carbon risks or opportunities.

Other ESG issues examined are:

  • Marine Pollution;
  • Ship Recycling;
  • Waste Management;
  • Working Conditions.


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