For all questions regarding the Transparency Code in Germany, please refer to FNG.

Signatories and Responses

avesco Financial Services AG, Berlin, response as of September 2018

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft AG, Köln, response as of November 2018

Bethmann Bank, Frankfurt am Main, response as of October 2018

Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main, response as of July 2018

Deka Investment GmbH, D-Frankfurt am Main (01.02.2019)

Aktienfonds / equity funds
Deka-Nachhaltigkeit Aktien

Mischfonds / balanced funds / mixed funds
Deka-Nachhaltigkeit Balance
Deka-Stiftungen Balance
Deka-Kirchen Balance

Rentenfonds / Anleihenfonds / bond funds
Deka-Nachhaltigkeit Renten

DWS Investment GmbH, D-Frankfurt  response as of December 2018

Aktienfonds / equity funds

Deutsche ESG European Equities LC
DWS Invest ESG Equity Income LC
DWS Invest ESG European Small / Mid Cap
DWS Invest SDG Global Equities

Mischfonds / balanced funds / mixed funds
DWS Stiftungsfonds
DWS Stiftungsfonds LD
DWS ESG Multi Asset Dynamic FD
DWS ESG Multi Asset Dynamic LD

Rentenfonds / Anleihenfonds / bond funds
DWS Invest ESG Euro Bonds (Short) FC
DWS Invest ESG Global Corporate Bonds ID
DWS ESG Euro Bonds (Medium) LC
DWS ESG Euro Bonds (Long) LC
DWS Invest Green Bonds LD

ESG Portfolio Management GmbH, D-Frankfurt am Main (01.01.2019)
Skalis Evolution Flex
Skalis Evolution Defensive

FAM – Fair Asset Management GmbH, Kelkheim, response as of August 2018

FOCUS Asset Management GmbH, München, response as of November 2017

Geneon Vermögensmanagement AG, D-Hamburg, response as of June 2018

GLS Bank, D-Bochum, response as of June 2018

Good Growth Institut, D-St. Augustin response as of November 2018

Millennium Global Opportunities
FondsSecure Systematik

Hamburger Sparkasse, D-Hamburg, response as of July 2018

LBBW Asset Management GmbH, D-Stuttgart, response as of June 2018

Lupus alpha Asset Management AG, response as of June 2018

Merck Finck Privatbankiers AG, München, responses as of October 2018

Ökoworld Lux S.A., Hilden, response as of August 2018

Raiffeisen Capital Management, A-Wien (01.11.2018)

Aktienfonds / equity funds


Anlagezielfonds /Mischfonds / balanced funds / mixed funds
Klassik Nachhaltigkeit Mix


Klassik Nachhaltigkeit Solide


Short Term Fonds
Raiffeisen-Nachhaltigkeitsfonds-Short Term

Green Bonds Fonds

Salm-Salm & Partner GmbH, response as of September 2018

Shareholder Value Management AG, D-Frankfurt am Main, response as of Sept 2018

Frankfurter Aktienfonds für Stiftungen
Frankfurter Stiftungsfonds

Siemens Fonds Invest GmbH, München, response as of July 2018

Spängler IQAM Invest, A-Salzburg

Rentenfonds / Anleihenfonds / bond funds (01.03.2019)
IQAM SRI SparTrust M

Steyler Bank GmbH, Sankt Augustin, response as of March 2018

Union Investment, D-Frankfurt
Aktienfonds / equity funds (01.01.2019)
UniInstitutional Dividend Sustainable
UniInstitutional SDG Equities

Aktienfonds / equity funds (01.12.2018)

Rentenfonds / Anleihenfonds / bond funds (01.01.2019)
UniInstitutional EM Corporate Bonds Low Duration Sustainable
UniInstitutional Euro Covered Bonds 4-6 years Sustainable

UniInstitutional Global Convertibles Sustainable

UniInstitutional Global Corporate Bonds Sustainable

UniInstitutional Green Bonds

Rentenfonds / Anleihenfonds / bond funds (01.12.2018)
LIGA-Pax-Laurent-Union (2022)

Mischfonds / balanced funds / mixed funds (01.01.2019)
UniInstitutional Stiftungsfonds Nachhaltig

Warburg Invest AG, D-Hannover (01.09.2018)  Former NORD/LB Asset Management AG
NORD/LB AM Global Challenges Index-Fonds