Eurosif to undertake wide ranging strategic review. Former French SIF Chair Thierry Philipponnat will assist the board




This decision, taken at its December board meeting, comes at an opportune time for the Association.  Over the past 2 years, there have been significant advances in the development of a world leading sustainable investment policy and regulatory framework driven by the European Commission.  Eurosif was proud to play an influential part in this development from its contribution as a member of the Commissions High Level Expert Group and through its Sustainable Investment Forum (SIF) members directly.

As the commitment of many parties to the EU’s Sustainable Finance Action Plan (Action Plan) becomes clear, the Eurosif board has decided to review how best to support its implementation by leveraging the contacts and expertise of the member SIFs and, in turn, their members. This will aim to address the challenge and opportunity that implementation of the Action Plan at a national market level provides. The board’s view is that these opportunities lie primarily with the member SIFs, but also include other varied legitimate interests including from the finance industry, civil society, NGOs and academia.

The board therefore decided that this is the right time to undertake a strategic review of the future mandate and role for Eurosif. This process is now underway and the board is delighted to announce that Thierry Philipponnat, the former Chairman of the French Sustainable Investment Forum (FIR) and former head of Finance Watch, has agreed to assist.

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