The role of Eurosif’s Board of Directors is to decide on the strategic orientations and main activities and projects of Eurosif with regards to the promotion of SRI and the integration of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) into investment decisions at the European level.

Board members, who are elected by the General Assembly, meet on a minimum basis of twice a year and retain the voting rights for the direction of Eurosif. Each Board Director of Eurosif must be a board member or Executive Director of his or her respective National Sustainable Investment Forum.

The Board of Directors elects an Executive Committee composed of a President a Vice President, and a Treasurer. These positions are held for three years and may be renewed once.

Current Chairman of Eurosif’s Board is Will OULTON (UKSIF)


Will Oulton is the Global Head, Responsible Investment at First State Investments (FSI) based in the UK and is responsible for defining and delivering FSI’s responsible investment and stewardship strategy globally.  In this role he is tasked with advancing FSI’s understanding of how ESG Factors impact long term investment value. Find out more

The Board of Directors is composed of the following SIF representatives:

Francesco Bicciato – FFS (Italy)

Francesco is the Secretary General of Italian Sustainable Finance Forum and a visiting Professor in several Universities. He was coordinator of the UNDP Programme in Brussels until the end of 2014. Find out more

Alexis Masse – FIR (France)

Alexis Masse has been a board member of the French SIF since 2015 and is currently serving as the President. Alexis is Finance Inspector and has been a Confederal Secretary in the first French trade union CFDT since 2015, where he is in charge of Digitalisation and Sustainable Finance.  Find out more

board-volker-weberVolker Weber – FNG (Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein & Switzerland)

Volker Weber has served since September 2007 as Chairman of the Board for the Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen (FNG). He is currently Chief Financial Officer of MAMA Sustainable Incubation AG based in Berlin. Find out more

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