Corporate Pension Funds and Sustainable Investment

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The first-ever Corporate Pension Funds & Sustainable Investment Study is now available  with a series of events planned with our sponsors DB Advisors and HSBC Global Asset Management. In this study, Eurosif examines to what extent corporate pension funds across Europe have adopted sustainable investment practices.

Main research highlights include:

  • A majority (60%) of the respondent corporate pension funds find that ESG factors affect the long term performance of pension funds;
  • The main inputs for corporate pension funds looking to set up and SRI policy are the pension fund board s and Funding company sustainability/CSR policies;
  • Not surprisingly, equities and bonds, along with real estate, are the most popular asset classes for the application of corporate pension fund SRI policies;
  • The three instruments most commonly used for SRI policy implementation are voting, negative screening and integration, with country variations.

Download the Corporate Pension Funds & Sustainable Investment Study(3,5 MB, PDF).
Download Press Release (October 3, 2011).
Download Media Coverage Report ( June 6, 2012)

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