Francesco Bicciato – FFS (Italy)

board-francesco-bicciatoFrancesco has 20 years of experience in International Cooperation, Financing for Development, Private and Public Sectors Management and Partnerships’ Building. He developed his leadership skills in managing private and public organizations with the supervision of a relevant number of staff.

Francesco was coordinator of the UNDP Programme in Brussels until the end of 2014, supporting around 20 countries (Africa, Asia Latin America and Balkans) and providing technical backstopping between UNDP and EU. Previously he was Chief Technical Advisor of the UNDP ART Programme (Articulation of Territorial Networks) in Lebanon.

Prior to his work at UNDP, Francesco was Councillor of the Municipality of Padua (Italy) on Environment and International cooperation, Vice-President of the Italian Coordination of Local Authorities Agenda 21, Director of International Relations of Banca Etica and Vice-President of the FEBEA (European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks).

Francesco was senior expert for NGOs and Multilateral Organizations in the field of Microfinance and Social Economy.  He has been an author of various publications on the topics of Local Development, Financial and Social Economy and International Cooperation and holds a degree in Political Science and a PhD in Economic and Political Geography from the University of Padua.

He acts as visiting Professor in several Universities and at the moment he is the Secretary General of Italian Sustainable Finance Forum.