Infrastructure Sector Report

Eurosif partnered with Dexia Asset Management for the Infrastructure Sector Report.


A Steering Committee comprised of representatives from CDC Climat, CM-CIC Asset Management and Threadneedle Asset Management provided their expertise and input to help shape the report.

Research highlights include:

  • The major issues affecting the infrastructure sector include a growing population, under financing, security and climate change;
  • As the world population has grown 80% since 1950, the demand for infrastructure and public utilities has largely increased, putting pressure on governments, infrastructure assets and resources;
  • The OECD predicts that about €1.5 trillion will be required annually to finance world infrastructure by 2030;
  • Two case studies from South Africa and France highlight challenges and corresponding best practice approaches to ESG issues in the infrastructure sector.

Download the Infrastructure Sector Report (EN, PDF, 359 kb);

Download the Infrastructure Report Press Release (EN, PDF, 46 kb).

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