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The first-ever Investment Consultant ESG Survey is now available (link to download below) with a series of events planned with our sponsors AXA Investment Managers, Bank Sarasin, SAM and Robeco. The study examines the investment consultants’ role in shaping investors’ strategies, investment practices and asset manager selections. It reports on what extent investment consultancies integrate ESG issues into their offerings with clients.

The study found that 89% of investment consultants anticipate an increase of client interest when it comes to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. The demand for investment consultants to take into account ESG issues is driven by a mixture of investor reputation, beneficiary pressure and an evolving view on fiduciary duty. All of these drivers create opportunities for ESG advisory services.

A series of high profile events across Europe followed in partnership with our four sponsors:

– AXA Investment Managers: December 1, London, UK, with support of UKSIF;
– Bank Sarasin: December 4th, Frankfurt, Germany, with the support of FNG;
– SAM: January 2010, Zurich, Switzerland;
– Robeco: Spring 2010, the Netherlands.

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  • Download Eurosif’s Investment Consultants & Responsible Investment report.
  • Download Eurosif’s Investment Consultants & Responsible Investment press release.
  • Download Eurosif’s Investment Consultants & Responsible Investment questionnaire.

The US Social Investment Forum released a similar study focusing on US based consultants. Both the European and US reports show parallel trends in terms of expectation of future growth, drivers and current practices of the consultants. Differences are found in the type of strategies most in demand. For instance, European clients seek more advice on positive selection than their American counterparts.

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