Media Sector Report 2012

Eurosif partnered with Ethix SRI Advisors for the Media Sector Report 2012.


A Steering Committee comprised of representatives from Manifest, oekom research, Sustainalytics and Pictet Asset Management provided their input and expertise to help shape this report.

Research highlights include:

The key ESG issues for media sector investors are trust, freedom of expression, security and privacy, press ethics, environmental impact, intellectual property issues and content diversity.
The general lack of trust in media is a major challenge for the whole sector and directly affects circulation and advertising revenue, both of which influence investment decisions.

Recommendations to strengthen trustworthiness include, amongst other measures, information providers being more transparent about the reliability of the information they provide.

It is likely that media companies will face increasing pressure from both regulators and custormers to ensure they face limits or constraints on how they use personal data and information (e.g. for selling other products).

Download the Eurosif Media Sector Report (PDF)

Download the Press Release in English (PDF) in German (PDF DE)

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