Market Segment Studies

Impact Investing in Europe

In recent years, Impact Investing has gained significant attention from policy-makers and investors. It was a topic for the first time at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2013 in Davos, Switzerland, and in June 2013, the UK hosted the first G8 Social Impact Investment Forum, the first event to ... Read More

HNWI & Sustainable Investment Study 2012

Created with the support of: The 2012 HNWI & Sustainable Investment Study published by Eurosif shows that sustainable investments by European HNWIs has increased by nearly 60% over the past two years, compared to an 18% increase in overall European HNWI wealth over the same period. Sustainable investments rose to ... Read More

Corporate Pension Funds and Sustainable Investment

Created with the support of: The first-ever Corporate Pension Funds & Sustainable Investment Study is now available  with a series of events planned with our sponsors DB Advisors and HSBC Global Asset Management. In this study, Eurosif examines to what extent corporate pension funds across Europe have adopted sustainable investment ... Read More

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