SRI Study 2006

The 2006 European SRI Study shows an SRI market that has considerably changed since 2003 – the European Broad SRI market is now valued at over €1 trillion. Across Europe, we see signs of robust SRI strategies, increased mandates from institutional players and the growing involvement of more traditional financial services.

In this report you will find:

  • Overview of the EU SRI Market;
  • Key features of SRI in each European country;
  • Market evolution since 2003;
  • Market predictions for the future.

For more details about the study, read our full press release (English and French).

Download the 2006 report below (if you are experiencing trouble with the download, save the file first on your desktop and open it from there):

OPTION 1: full report as a single file

Download entire 2006 report (PDF, 4 MB)

OPTION 2 : full report section by section

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To order a hard copy of the report download the printable order form.

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