The Board

Susanne Bolin Gärtner

Susanne has a long career within bank, finance and insurance and focusing on ESG and sustainability in her different roles. Among non-executive roles she is also a board member of the Mistra BIOPATH (biodiversity) programme in Lund, Sweden. In her former role as a board member of Swesif ( 2017-2023) and the chair for the last three years, she initiated closer engagement between the Nordic SIFs and Eurosif and also encouraged them to become members/observers. Susanne also initiated a closer working relationship between the Nordic SIFs themselves. Since January 2020 she has worked at Danske Bank as Head of Fund selection and Management, including sustainability and ESG for external funds. Prior to Danske Bank, she held the position of Head of Product and Business Development at the Folksam Fondförsäkring (Swedish insurance company), including fund selection and sustainability for external funds for 10+ years. In the last twenty plus years her experience in fund selection has been focused on sustainability and engaging with fund managers/companies, working previously for various organisations where she held several senior positions.