FNG-Label Awards


After labelling more than 50 funds from 20 Asset Managers in the first two years, the German SIF is awarding the FNG-label for the third time on November, 29 in Berlin.

The SRI quality standard is making big steps forward on its way to being established on the German-speaking markets. The growing number of funds that applied for this year’s edition is good proof of this. Furthermore, due to its holistic and differentiating approach, the SRI quality standard of the German SIF represents a good basis for the current discussions within the HLEG regarding the development of a pan-European SRI-label.

The minimum requirements of the FNG-label include criteria relating to transparency and processes (giving Eurosif’s Transparency Code a crucial role), the exclusion of weapons and nuclear power and the respect of the four areas of the UN Global Compact. Furthermore, at least 90% of the portfolio must be analysed with respect to ESG criteria. Funds implementing more sophisticated strategies within the fields of “institutional credibility”, “product standards” and “selectivity & engagement” are awarded with up to three stars by the FNG-label.

Finally, from a sales perspective, important fund platforms opted for the FNG-label as their SRI-reference and the first institutional investors begin to require the FNG-label as a pre-requisite for participating in call for proposals for new SRI money.

The event programme includes speeches on current hot-topics, including the so-called Frankfurt declaration initiated by German’s stock exchange and a humorous contribution of one of Germany’s most popular comedians on the otherwise very serious topic of financial markets. Please find the whole program 

If you do not want to miss this Event please register by sending an email to fng-siegel@g-ng.eu.