JEDI Workstream

Over the last few years, the importance of scaling up finance needed for the transition towards a climate-neutral and sustainable economy has received considerable recognition and traction both among EU policy makers and financial market participants. Much progress has been achieved at European level on the ‘green’ perspective of the transition to address environment-related matters. However, the EU and EU financial market participants in particular, must also take action to address growing societal inequality, poverty, unequal access to education, and insufficient diversity across companies, especially within management and on corporate boards, in order to achieve a ‘just’ transition.

Despite the growing prominence of impact investments, also those focused on social matters, there is little awareness about investments through the JEDI lens, which is sometimes also referred to as DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion).

The objective of Eurosif’s JEDI Workstream is to develop and support a community of practice for investors focused on promoting investments through the JEDI lens. This community of practice gathers asset managers and asset owners from a diverse range of origins and backgrounds interested in learning, increasing awareness, and exchanging useful information and best practices this topic.

JEDI stands for Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. While a great deal of attention in the world of sustainable finance and investment has been paid to environmental factors, much remains to be done to integrate diversity, equity and other social factors in order to address growing societal inequality.

Eurosif JEDI podcasts

Sustainability Bridges is a Eurosif podcast that aims to bridge the gap between policymaking and the practice of sustainable investment.

In this episode Aleksandra Palinska and special guest, Lisa Hayles, Director of International Shareholder Advocacy at Trillium Asset Management, discuss Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) and how to promote it through investments. Lisa also elaborates on the definition of climate justice and just transition, investing through the lens of anti-racism and building diversity and inclusion from a racial and ethnic origin perspective as well as related challenges and opportunities, addressing and unpacking the challenging nature of language and framing.

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Sustainability Bridges is a Eurosif podcast that aims to bridge the gap between policymaking and the practice of sustainable investment.

In this episode, Eurosif Executive Director, Aleksandra Palinska and special guest, Professor Lokke Moerel, one of the world’s best-known privacy & cyber advisors, lawyer in the global Privacy & Security team of Morrison & Foerster, and Professor of Global Technology and Law at Tilburg University, discuss the importance, benefits and challenges of collecting and disclosing corporate data on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and how to carry this out in compliance with GDPR.


Where can you listen to this podcast?