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Eurosif statement on risks arising from inclusion of natural gas & nuclear energy in the EU Taxonomy
24 November 2021 Policy contributions

Eurosif statement on risks arising from inclusion of natural gas & nuclear energy in the EU Taxonomy

The debate on the inclusion of natural gas and nuclear energy in the EU Taxonomy has intensified. It is not clear what the advantages of including these are. However, the risks of including these ener...
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Eurosif Report 2021
27 October 2021 Eurosif Reports

Eurosif Report 2021

The Eurosif team, its sponsors DWS, Universal Investment, ISS ESG, LGT and BNP AM as well as the member SIFs are pleased to present the latest Eurosif Report 2021 Fostering Investor Impact – Placing...
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What is sustainable investment?

Sustainable and responsible investment (”SRI”) is a long-term oriented investment approach which integrates ESG factors in the research, analysis and selection process of securities within an investment portfolio. 

It combines fundamental analysis and engagement with an evaluation of ESG factors in order to better capture long-term returns for investors, and to benefit society by influencing the behaviour of companies. 

Our policy priorities

Public policy is Eurosif’ s main activity. Eurosif advocates at the EU Level for a more responsible and sustainable finance. It is actively contributing to the EU sustainable finance agenda, acting as an privilege interlocutor of Public Institutions, practitioners, and NGOs. Our broad constituency ensures that various sensitivities, points of views and expertise are reflected in our policy recommendations and positions.

Sustainable finance disclosure regulation

Taxonomy regulation

Corporate sustainability reporting directive

EU green bond standards

ESG ratings and data providers


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The Sustainable Investment Forums (SIFs) are membership-based sustainable and responsible investment organisations. They work to promote a broader adoption of Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) practices and more generally for a broader adoption of sustainability matters into financial markets and the investment chain.

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