FT Climate Finance Summit: Scaling up Finance for Climate Action



The FT Climate Finance Summit: Scaling up Finance for Climate Action will explore the vital role of international finance in global efforts to combat climate change, as well as the risks and opportunities for businesses, financial markets and investors in the new climate economy.

A ‘quiet revolution’ is already underway - the value of capital being committed to green infrastructure investments is growing, and innovations such as green bonds and internal carbon pricing are becoming part of companies’ financing tool kit. Yet despite these efforts, climate finance remains marginal to international capital flows and inadequate for global needs.

Join a senior audience of leading green financiers, corporate decision makers, policy makers and investors to gain the bigger picture of how the full potential of the world’s capital markets can be scaled up for climate action.


  • Learn how investment portfolios are adjusting to 2 degrees
  • Hear who's making and losing money in green finance: can renewables be profitable?
  • Get the inside track on green quantitative easing and the role monetary policy could play in growing the green economy
  • Discover how climate disclosure laws and regulations are evolving and the risk for companies and investors
  • Keep abreast of China's drive to lead in climate finance and the implications for the world's financial centres
  • Discuss how business models and risk models are evolving to scale up investment in adaptation and resilience
  • Explore the new frontiers in climate finance: aligning fintech with climate finance, and the expanding universe of green bonds
  • Debate the big issues of the day: Is financial stability possible without environmental stability?


FT Live has a reputation for delivering very senior board level audiences to attend a wide range of world class thought-leadership events across the globe for nearly 40 years.

The FT Global Climate Finance Summit will be attended by senior decision-makers from the following sectors:

  • Banks and Security Houses
  • Investors-Fund / Asset Managers, Pension Funds. Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • Insurers, Reinsuers and Environmental Risk Management
  • Infrastructure Finance and Investment
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital
  • Stock Exchanges and Stock Indexes
  • Corporate Issuers and Underwriters
  • Carbon Markets and Trading
  • Climate / Environment Lawyers and Consultants
  • Credit Rating Agencies
  • Multilateral Investment Banks
  • Energy Companies:Oil & Gas; Power; Clean Energy/Renewables
  • Cleantech Companies
  • Green Bonds / Debt Markets
  • Green Bond Verification and Certification Agencies

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