The HUB for Sustainable Finance organises the Second Sustainable Finance Summit in Germany


The HUB FOR SUSTAINABLE FINANCE (H4SF) invites interested parties to attend the Second German Sustainable Finance Summit. At this summit for active network players and representatives of the political arena, academia and civil society, we want to discuss together key aspects of the path toward invigorating sustainable finance, current developments and groundwork that needs to be laid over the months to come. Participants will make their contributions on TEN RECOMMENDATIONS FOR SUSTAINABLE FINANCE made by the H4SF.

The summit is designed to serve as a platform for initiatives whose aim is to facilitate the transformation toward a sustainable finance system. The SUSTAINABLE FINANCE SUMMIT thus creates a forum within which the wide variety of efforts on the part of the business community, policymakers, civil society and academia can become a part of shared discourse.

For more information on the event please visit the website of the HUB FOR SUSTAINABLE FINANCE