Joint sustainable investment industry letter on CSRD

11 April 2022

Last week, Eurosif and the UN-PRI sent a letter to the EU institutions (the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the Council) regarding the necessity of net-zero disclosure in CSRD.

Trilogues on the Corporate Sustainable Reporting Directive (CSRD) has begunĀ  in earnest (28 March, 7 April) and may conclude as soon as May 2022. With this letter, both organisations representing sustainable investment industry, would like to emphasize the need for CSRD to mandate robust disclosures around company transition plans and net-zero commitments, including disclosure of the scenarios used for these plans and the key assumptions underpinning them.

Eurosif and the UN-PRI call for companies that have made a commitment to attain net-zero by 2050 to be subject to clear, robust disclosure requirements. Investors need comprehensive information on how companies intend to decarbonise their operations and value chain in order to support the transition. The CSRD presents a unique opportunity to bring such transparency.