#Episode 22 – Conversation with Kim Smouter-Umans

28 May 2024

🎙️ 🌱 Sustainability Bridges – Episode 22

👉 In this episode, special guest Kim Smouter-Umans, Executive Director of the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) and Pierre Garrault, Eurosif’s Senior Policy Adviser, discuss the intersection between DEI and climate justice throughout ENAR’s activities, including the ENAR Foundation’s Racial and Economic Justice Investment Fund, as well as Eurosif’s Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) workstream.

👥 Founded in 1998, ENAR is a pan-European anti-racism network that aims to make decisive progress towards racial equality in all EU Member States and ultimately, to end structural racism and discrimination in the European Union. Prior to joining ENAR, Kim was Head of Public Affairs at (ESOMAR) the global association for market social and opinion research and was also one of the founding fathers of the ESOMAR Foundation, its charitable arm.

💬 During the discussion, Kim outlines the specific impacts of climate change on marginalised communities and gives his perspective on ways to scale up investment from a broader range of financial market participants in support of these communities, in order to ensure a just and fair transition. Kim also gives his view on the perceived challenges of diversity data gathering via sustainability reporting and looks ahead to the European elections and what can be done to raise awareness of these issues among EU decision-makers.

🎧 We hope you enjoy listening!

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