Press release

#Episode 9 – Conversation with Helena Viñes Fiestas

16 February 2023

🎙️ 🌱 Sustainability Bridges is a Eurosif podcast aiming at bridging the gap between the policymaking and the practice of sustainable investing.

👥 In this episode, Helena Viñes Fiestas and Aleksandra Palinska discuss the EU Taxonomy and the evolution of the sustainable finance regulatory framework in the EU and beyond. Helena Viñes Fiestas is Commissioner of the Spanish Financial Market Authority and Member of the UN Secretary General High Level Expert Group on Net Zero Pledges. She shares her experiences advancing sustainable finance both in the public and private sectors for 20 years. 

📍Note that the episode was recorded in December 2022, before Helena Viñes Fiestas was appointed the Chair of the new EU Platform on Sustainable Finance. 

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