Press release

Eurosif publishes new SRI methodology

15 February 2024

Eurosif today published a new methodology for the purpose of future market studies on sustainability-related investments across Europe. The methodology and accompanying questionnaire are set out in a report explaining the approach taken, the proposed investment categories and its core features.

The methodology was developed over the course of 2023 by Eurosif’s SRI Study Group (SSG) in cooperation with Prof. Timo Busch from the University of Hamburg and Eric Pruessner from Advanced Impact Research (AIR). Market practitioners from across Europe were engaged in this process.

Past market studies on sustainability-related investments typically gathered data on a range of different sustainability-related investment approaches and aggregated them to one of a number of “sustainable investments”. However, these statistics did not differentiate between investments based on their investment strategy and/or objectives to actively support the transition towards a more sustainable economy which since the introduction and rollout of the EU sustainable finance framework is becoming an increasingly prominent feature of the European sustainable investment market.

Read the full press release below.