Eurosif signs the Stockholm Declaration

03 July 2017

Brussels, 3rd of July 2017 – On the 3rd of May, a group of the global investment community’s leading players gathered at the meeting Investing for sustainable development and sustainable impact towards 2030 in Stockholm and agreed to a Stockholm Declaration. The declaration is a firm commitment of those gathered to integrate the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out by the UN into their central framework.

Reaching the SDGs will require an annual investment of between roughly $5 and 7 trillion which urgently demands the mobilization of mainstream capital. Investors should see the 17 goals as 17 business opportunities, where they can move beyond exclusion criteria to inclusion based investment strategies focused on investing with a positive impact on the SDGs.

Eurosif and its member SIFs are conscious of the extent to which the 17 SDGs provide an opportunity for responsible investors to establish how they incorporate issues such as climate change, working conditions and board diversity into their investment approach to minimize negative impacts and foster sustainable development. For this reason, we have gladly joined the work carried out by the “Action Platform Reporting on the SDGs”, co-led by the UN Global Compact and GRI, and supported by the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and signed the Stockholm Declaration to continue the collaboration.

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