International Award on Investor Climate-Related Disclosures

10 July 2016

The French Ministry of Environment, Energy and the Sea in collaboration with 2°Investing Initiative is organizing the first edition of the International Award on Investor Climate-related disclosures (2°Invest Award), officially launched by Ségolène Royal, President of the COP21, during the 4th Business Dialogue session held in Paris on June 10th, 2016 and the last Business and Climate Summit held in London (June 28th & 29th, 2016)

What is the award’s objective?
The award aims to highlight best practices in investor climate change reporting, in line with Article 173-VI of the French Energy Transition for Green Growth Law, and consequently also provide food for thought for existing international initiatives on climate-related disclosures for investors. The objective of the award’s 2016 edition is threefold:
1. To serve as preparation for those investors planning to showcase and/or improve their methodologies and disclosure in the next reporting cycle;
2. To give the opportunity to investors to receive feedback on their current reporting;
3. To provide food for thought to organisations in private sector working groups, investors coalitions and governments involved in the development of guidance for financial institutions.

Who is eligible?
Any entity managing an investment portfolio can apply. This includes French and non-French entities subject or not to the requirements of Article 173-VI.

How can I apply?
Candidates are required to submit their report(s) (e.g. annual, CSR, RI report) or dedicated climate-related reports, provided they are publicly available. The reports can cover all or a part of the assets under management. Moreover, candidates planning to include the results of recently adopted climate-risks assessment frameworks and methodologies can submit their reports containing data that is not up-to date.
However, the candidate has to commit to publish an up-to-date and final version of the report within the next eight months after the Award ceremony.

When can I start applying?
Applications are open from September 15th to October 15th. The first candidates to submit their applications may have the opportunity get feedback for the Ministry of Environment, Energy and the Sea and 2°Investing Initiative and modify their applications prior to the submission deadline. The application form can be downloaded here.

Who will select the winners?
A jury composed of representatives of public administration, members of parliament, advocacy NGOs and investor groups will select the best reports and the award categories based on the award evaluation criteria.
For more information, please visit the Ministry’s and the 2°Investing initiative websites or contact /