The European context supports the growth of SRI – Flavia Micilotta Interview at L’ essentiel de l’ISR

06 June 2016

Flavia Micilotta is the new Director of Eurosif. She arrived in late 2015 to head the European Sustainable Investment Forum and outlines as a mission to promote responsible investment in an enabling environment that will be culminate, by the end of the year, with the publication of the European figures in the SRI market.

Non-financial reporting, climate-related disclosures, debate on tax transparency, the main themes of Sustainable and Responsible Investment are on the first line. Is the time ripe for its further development?

Flavia Micilotta, Eurosif Executive Director comments: "The European context supports the growth of SRI by stemming constructive debate around the subjects of transparency, accountability and monitoring".

There is a clear impetus across Europe for constructive debate around the notions transparency, accountability and limiting abuse. The reasons are endogenous as much as they are exogenous.

Civil society is increasingly aware of the impact of the lack of responsibility shown by governments and businesses. Investors get involved more to make businesses face their responsibilities and make their voice heard. Regulatory bodies wish to play their part to achieve an ad hoc framework . [...]

Source: Interview given to Anne-Catherine Husson-Traore for Novethic's L'essentiel de l'ISR