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25 March 2016 Policy contributions

Eurosif responds to LTI consultation

On the 23rd of March 2016, Eurosif submitted a response to the European Commission's public consultation long-term and sustainable investment, stating that"integrating ESG factors in investment decisi...
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15 December 2015 Policy contributions

Eurosif Policy Position on the Capital Markets Union Action Plan

Eurosif has published its policy position on the CMU Action Plan, calling for more ESG transparency, legislative coherence and a clearer definition of fiduciary duty on CMU Action Plan. To download...
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15 July 2015 Policy contributions

Eurosif position on Country By Country Reporting

Eurosif supports a mandatory, annual CBCR, for listed companies with data made public to the company’s stakeholders, including investors and shareholders. However, we note two caveats to this suppor...
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21 October 2014 Policy contributions

Investor Statement on EU Proposed Conflict Mineral Regulation

We commend the Directorate General for Trade on its proposed regulation concerning corporate conflict minerals due diligence and reporting and note the proposal’s focus on various geographies where...
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Eurosif Report 2014
02 October 2014 Eurosif Reports

Eurosif Report 2014

The 2014 European SRI Study confirms some industry trends already detected in the previous editions. Data was collected or estimated at the end of 2013 covering institutional and retail assets from 13...
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20 December 2013 Policy contributions

Eurosif response to a Public Consultation on Best Practice Principles for Governance Research Providers

Eurosif response to a Public Consultation on Best Practice Principles for Governance Research Providers. Access the letter  here....
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09 July 2013 Policy contributions

Eurosif response to IIRC Consultation

Eurosif has been a longstanding advocate of non-financial disclosure and reporting. In its response to the European Commission consultation on non-financial reporting in January 2011, Eurosif has been...
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27 June 2013 Policy contributions

Eurosif and ACCA joint survey on non-financial reporting

Eurosif and ACCA conducted a survey of investors, analysts and other stakeholders to gather the views and opinions of the investment community on their use of ESG information and the proposed reportin...
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