FTA – BSCI Annual Conference 2017: Unleashing Opportunity

14.06.2017 - 15.06.2017


Imagine a future where sustainable value chains are the new normal and trade barriers are obsolete,
unleashing opportunities for business and communities across the world.
No single business, government or organisation can do this.

For the next generation the stakes are high. Trade is and remains one of the most powerful drivers available to us for building prosperity and sustainable development. We need to design a sustainable system that delivers shared value and continuous opportunity; a system that’s about making better things and making things better. A future where we drive innovation, quality and economic growth, but not at the cost of our planet and people.

No single business or organisation can do this alone. It’s going to take collaboration and commitment, an insatiable curiosity and creative thinking to drive sustainability as common practice in value chains.

This is not a win or lose world. By creating a future of sustainable trade we can unleash opportunity for people globally.