Policy contributions

Eurosif always strives to reach a broad consensus within its membership when elaborating its positions. Positions of Eurosif however do not necessarily reflect the position of each and every individual member organisation of each national Sustainable Investment Forum.

17 February 2010 Policy contributions

March 2010- Disclosure Submission of the European Combined Reporting Alliance

Summary Eurosif submitted a joint Response to the European Commission aiming to improve the outcome from a series of workshops held from September 2009 to February 2010 by the EC to address environm...
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31 August 2009 Policy contributions

August 2009- Public Comment on the principles for periodic disclosure by listed companies (IOSCO)

Eurosif recommends that there is mandatory disclosure of ESG data by large listed entities. As this area has already attracted significant interest from various stakeholders, Eurosif suggests explori...
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14 April 2009 Policy contributions

April 2009- Public Policy Paper related to Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI)

In this position paper, Eurosif recommends that the European Commission adopt three proposals to increase transparency from various segments in the financial chain that would foster a longer-term, mo...
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