Can Green Bonds fuel resource efficient investments in Europe?

02 December 2016

Published today, the much anticipated study commissioned by the European Commission presents an overview of green bonds, identifying the key players in the market and their focus, highlighting good practices as well as areas for improvement. With a total issuance volume of USD 53 bn, green bonds risk getting close to USD 100 bn before the year's end. This report looks at how public actors have evolved and highlights the changing face of issuers who are capitalising on this rising trend. Stressing the role definitions can play, at this point, to help increase credibility and diminish the reputational risks so many stakeholders already identified.

Eurosif hopes this study will feed the work of the European Commission in defining a blueprint for sustainable finance and provide the right framework to ensure that green bonds play a leading role in the European project.

To read the study in full, click here.