The team

Aleksandra Palinska

14 September 2021

Aleksandra Palinska is the Executive Director of Eurosif. A seasoned professional with nearly fifteen years of experience in EU public policy and regulation, her expertise covers sustainable finance, financial markets regulation, company law and corporate governance. Since 2019 her focus has been on driving sustainability through financial markets.

Prior to joining Eurosif, Aleksandra worked for various Brussels-based organisations including Finance Watch – a Brussels-based NGO and expertise centre with a mission to make finance serve society – EFAMA, EuropeanIssuers and BetterFinance, which represent the interests of asset managers, publicly-listed companies and individual investors, respectively.

With an in-depth understanding of how capital markets work, Aleksandra masters the challenges and expectations of the buy and sell side. Having led sustainable finance regulatory workstreams at Finance Watch and EFAMA, she became an expert in that field.

Until December 2023, Aleksandra served a member of the EFRAG’s Sustainability Reporting Board (SRB), helping shape the European Sustainability Reporting Standards. She first joined the EFRAG SRB in March 2022 on behalf of Finance Watch. As of mid-November 2022, Aleksandra, on behalf of Eurosif, is representing the users of sustainability-related information.

Between January 2021 and September 2022, Aleksandra acted as a sherpa on the European Commission’s Platform on Sustainable Finance, where she contributed to the development of the recommendations for a social taxonomy, minimum social and governance safeguards that taxonomy-aligned investments must meet, and the taxonomy-related disclosures.

Forbes Women Polska recognised Aleksandra for her work and achievements by featuring her among “23 women to follow in 2023”. She was also listed among 21 women Champions for Change by Reuters Events ESG Investment.

Aleksandra holds a master’s degree in management from the university of economics and a post-graduate diploma in European studies.